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Nido manufacturing plant

DENA Textile Productions has its own manufacturing company in Republic of Macedonia. The company was established in January 2014 and has grown quickly into a professional, advanced manufacturing business with a capacity of approximately 10,000 pieces per week.
DENA’s purchasing department is in direct contact with the factory. Production is supervised on a daily basis and all of the ongoing developments are discussed. All of our models are designed in our own studio in the Netherlands. The patterns are then sent to the sample department at the factory, where they are made into the desired product.

Deliveries from our fabric suppliers arrive at the factory on a weekly basis. These deliveries are checked closely for colour, weight and quality upon arrival and then stored in a warehouse with a capacity for 200,000 metres of material. Our cutting department sees to it that the products are cut quickly and efficiently before being sent on for production in the sewing department.
A staff of over 50 employees works in the sewing department, producing the products on high-performance Juki overlock machines. All of our employees possess the requisite level of skill and have been trained in-house. Products are sorted into different groups to fully utilize the plant’s capacity. DENA articles stand for quality and this translates to our human resources policy at our factory, as well. DENA ensures that it follows all labour laws to the letter and provides good working conditions for its employees.
The factory in Macedonia is located 1,637 kilometres from the showroom in Wageningen as the crow flies. Exports from the plant to the warehouse occur twice a week and take approximately 3 business days. That means we can deliver any special orders within 10 days. The large capacity and short lines of communication allow us to switch production over quickly as needed to meet our customers’ every wish.